Somfy tahoma blinds have inverse orientation

Hi guys,

I’ve intergrated the most of my somfy io devices with the somfy binding. Almost everything works fine. The only thing is that the orientation of the blinds is inverted.

According the binding description i defined them as Dimmer items to be able to use them with Alexa. Two items each blind. One for position and one for orientation of the blind.

Unfortunatly the orientation is inverted:
0% -> fully closed
100%-> fully opened

Position command works correctly. The same way like my rollershuters:
0%-> fully opene
100%-> fully closed

Is there a work around to reverse the orientation the right way? I thought about using proxy items. Any other ideas from your side?

If you define them as rollershutters, channels have an ‘invert’ option. You can have another item for Alexa.

Could be an option.
But the challage is actually Alexa. It do not accept rollershutter items. Dimmer item seems to be mandatory.
So, your solution would solve my problem with manual control on the screen, but not the Alexa voice control.

You can have multiple items pointing to the same device, i.e. one for your UI, the other one for Alexa.