Somfy / Tahoma old API

Today, I got an email from Somfy indicating that I use an old method to connect and that I should switch to using the new API before December as the old method is disabled.
Are there SOMFY binding developments that make use of the new API possible (or maybe they are already in but I missed something?)

Thank you

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Dag Bart, I received the same mail and was searching for an answer in the community, but no luck until now.
Just to be specific for my case: I’m using the stable 2.4 release, so any help to get the new API working on this version would be very welcome.

@bartsnijder and @mariobrx I’ve also just recevied this email from Somfy so came straight here to see if anything has been communicated about this, I tend not to look into things which are not broken so have previously looked into it.

There is this post from @Ondrej_Pecta with a comment about a v1 vs v2 API.

Given I’ve got the email I’m assuming I’m not accessing Somfy via the newer API so it wouold seem things will stop working unless I/we update something

For reference I’m running:

  • OpenHAB 2.4 Stable (on Raspberry Pi 3 model B+)
  • Somfy Tahoma Binding 2.4 (I think, installed via addons.cfg, not Paper UI)
  • Connexoon RTS Bridge
    • 8 x RTS cellular blinds (further 6 on order) configured as roller shutters
    • Connexoon Window RTS app to for initial blind config

@Ondrej_Pecta if I’m interpreting your post correctly do we need to update OpenHAB to 2.5(M4?) to keep our blinds funtional via OpenHAB?

Thanks in advance!

Installed API v2 ( on OH2.4 and all works fine so far (although I’m still looking for a way to indeed confirm that I’m using API v2)
Since stability issues have been reported I would need to test much more this week. Any information available on what kind of instabilities?

The v2 API violates the HTTP protocol in some occasions (e.g. propagating errors) and Jetty HttpClient fires exceptions. The recovery from these exceptions is more complex and might not be fully working right now.

Please follow the main thread

I’ll post a new API v2 version and we need to test it, so it is merged soon into master. Not sure if we catch the 2.5.0 release…

can you please post the new version or update the link?

Best Regards

here is the latest version.


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I tested the jar provided in the last post with my OpenHAB 2.5.0. Unfortunately, the io-thermastat is not responding. It was not found automatically via Paper UI. I installed it manualy. It shows online as Status, but provide not any numbers. Neither reacs the thermostat on any command.
Is there any hint what may be wrong?