Somfy Tahoma vs Connectivity Kit - developer mode


I will get two somfy io rollershutters and currently looking what’s the best hub to use, to connect them.

Somfy provides two hubs: the tahoma hub and the connectivity kit (no ZigBee support, less scenes, 100€ cheaper).

For the tahoma device it’s documented, that it’s supporting the local developer mode.

Does anyone know, if the connectivity kit also provides a local developer mode?

Thanks :slight_smile:

My Bali blinds look like Somfy zwave blinds. They work with a zwave dongle and the zwave add on binding. If Somifi roller shutters have the same zwave controller or are available as zwave all you need is a zwave dongle

You may be able to directly add one of these into your roller shade

If you are ordering directly from Somfy, then you should be able to specify that your chosen shade has the module installed that you desire on delivery

Thanks, but my blinds are using somfy io system. As they are only solar powered I don’t think that I can also use the solar power to support an additional add-on

Perhaps a solar charged battery?
These are somfy modules and should just plug in. Zigbee and Z Wave devices are specifically designed for low power use cases and I bet your blinds can use them.

The blinds would have to communicate with whatever hub, Tahoma or Connectivity Kit, and I would bet the the Somfy hubs use Z Wave or Zigbe protocols, and the shades must have a battery to be able to work at night.

Do you have any specs for the blinds and hubs?

I really expect you only need a Z Wave or Zigbee dongle

It’s a somfy oximo io device.

As per my understanding the io technology is a proprietary protocol and not compatible with zigbee or zwave