Somfy ZRTSI Z-Wave channels 10-16 not recognised correctly OH2

Using OpenHAB v2.0
I have a ZRTSI (Z-Wave to Somfy RTS Interface) to control my cellular shades.
The ZRTSI exposes a Z-Wave main node and 16 Z-Wave Control Channel ‘virtual’ nodes.

I have it working correctly with control channels 1 to 9 and each of the Z-Wave ‘devices’ show in Paper UI as ‘ZRTSI-VNODE Z-Wave to RTS Interface Virtual Node’

However the remaining 7 channels (10-16) are detected as ‘Unknown Device’.

I believe I have tracked down the source of the problem to the device definition. I sent the email below to the binding developer and owner of the website but have received no response:

Regarding this page:

There is a bug in the listed References (Type:Id) field.
This device has 16 virtual nodes with deviceids (decimal) from 21505 to 21520. This translates to (HEX) 5401 to 5410.
It looks as if decimal counting was applied to the device ids, …5409, 5410, 5411 … etc. This should be in HEX.
Which means channels 10,11,12,13,14,15 are out of range and channel 16 appears as channel 10.

Field ‘References (Type:Id)’ should contain:

I am unable to get OpenHAB to compile in Eclipse and the online instructions appear out of date but this is a separate issue… so I can’t fix it myself even if I knew how.

Can anyone guide me on how to fix the problem locally (possibly through config files?) or if the code could be patched and an update released?

Any help is greatly appreciated so that I can get these remaining channels working.

Sorry - I’ve not seen an email about this so maybe it was blocked somewhere.

Please register for an account and feel free to change this in the database. There are instructions here for doing this.

@chris Thanks very much for the reply. I created an account and raised a ticket on your site to be granted permissions to edit the DB.

Thanks - I’ve updated your access - any problems, just shout.


@chris Thanks. I attempted to upload an updated version of the OpenHAB 2 XML but I got

ERR2: XML file format is not known, or has incomplete information. You must use openHAB 1.8 (released) or newer.

I now see 3 review items pending (the first two were me trying to figure out how to get a copy of the XML to edit and then which version to upload, sorry about that.

I could edit the properties directly, but I was trying to follow the recommendation to use an XML file.

Below is my updated version of the OpenHAB 2 xml. But please let me know if I should try this again or make the edit in a different way.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<thing:thing-descriptions bindingId="zwave"

ZRTSI-VNODE Z-Wave to RTS Interface Virtual Node Z-Wave to RTS Interface Virtual Node
  <channel id="switch_binary" typeId="switch_binary">
      <property name="binding:*:OnOffType">SWITCH_BINARY</property>
  <channel id="blinds_control" typeId="blinds_control">
    <label>Blinds control</label>
      <property name="binding:*:PercentType">SWITCH_MULTILEVEL</property>
      <property name="binding:Command:StopMoveType">SWITCH_MULTILEVEL</property>
      <property name="binding:Command:UpDownType">SWITCH_MULTILEVEL</property>
  <channel id="scene_number" typeId="scene_number">
    <label>Scene Number</label>
      <property name="binding:*:DecimalType">SCENE_ACTIVATION</property>
  <property name="vendor">Somfy</property>
  <property name="modelId">ZRTSI-VNODE</property>
  <property name="manufacturerId">0047</property>
  <property name="manufacturerRef">5A52:5401,5A52:5402,5A52:5403,5A52:5404,5A52:5405,5A52:5406,5A52:5407,5A52:5408,5A52:5409,5A52:540A,5A52:540B,5A52:540C,5A52:540D,5A52:540E,5A52:540F,5A52:5410</property>
  <property name="dbReference">370</property>


You can’t upload these files - the system is designed to allow uploading the files OH generates itself…

However, if you just need to update the type/id (right?) then it’s probably much easier to just edit it in the database?

@chris - right.
I updated it directly and my changes are displaying correctly. Please disregard/delete the updates that are pending review. Sorry about the back and forth on that.

So, what happens now? Do I wait for a new release build of OpenHAB or do things just update automatically? I am very new to this so don’t really understand how it all works.


Thanks. I’ve clicked the button, so it should go into tonights snapshot. Once the build is done you’ll need to update to the latest snapshot - if you’re on the snapshot version of the runtime, then it’s as simple as uninstalling the binding and reinstalling it again in PaperUI/HABmin.

@chris - I’m on the release version but I will switch over and (hopefully) figure it out.
Thanks very much for your help!

For anyone reading this in the future, I pulled down the nightly build today 4/27/17 and the issue is now resolved.

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