Sonoff and OpenHAB

Hi everyone
I am new in openHAB, in my home I have tens of sonoff device and I would integrate it in my new openHAB server

By searching online I saw that for integrate sonoff and open hab I have to flash it with tasmota and integrate it by mqtt
Is it the best way???

A little bit of search should have ead your here

I wouldn’t sonoff talk with ewelink server
For this way I am migrating to openHAB

I seek the BEST way for integrate it with openHAB, not the SIMPLE WAY

Then define “BEST” for us up front. For many, “BEST” is the “SIMPLE WAY”.

In general, given no other details about preferences and requirements, the “best” way is going to be using an add-on, which is also going to be the simplest way. Neither @hmerk nor anyone else here is a mind reader.

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I seek the more secure and stabe way for obtain it
I have tens of sonoff of every type …one, two, four channels