Sonoff Appearance

I’ve recently acquired four Sonoff Basics to control my Christmas lights. To maximize flexibility I bought those 1 foot outlet saver extension cords and wired the Sonoff to the cord.

Not my picture but basically this. For the curious, I ran the ground to bypass the board so I still have the ground.

However, while this will be fine for the Christmas tree and garland since I can hide it in the foliage or under the skirt, this will not be acceptable should I decide to use them to automate anything after the Christmas season.

So my question to the forum is how do you usually deploy your Sonoffs? How do you hide them or modify them to make them more attractive? Or do you just let them hang out?

I’ve thought of 3D printing a case to fit around it and the cord but I’m not sure that would be significantly better, though at least I could choose black instead of white and it will match the cable.

I can woodwork up a case but I’m not sure that would be any better.

So what have you done?

For one of my usecases I have mounted one directly to my living room table.

The table has some indirect lighting, which I can turn on and off with it.
The device is mounted right before the lighting and gets its power supply from a longer cable with a connector.

I was not sure about the forces the sonoff can withstand.
This way I could ensure that everything around the device is in a secure location.

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I suppose the main focus needs to be on ensuring the cables are secured properly so if someone kicks it then nothing comes loose.
The waterproof case that Itead now sell would do that job although I do like the idea of the cable going in one end of the enclosure and out the other.
I haven’t used any of my “basics” yet but will post some photos if I come up with a genius way of housing them :grinning:


I have 3 Sonoff POW and use one of them to aid in the control of my entertainment system.
The POW has the ability to measure voltage/current/power of the load connected to it.
All 3 entertainment loads (Receiver,TV,cable box) are connected through the POW
To control the individual entertainment components I got a zmote device that allows me to act as an universal remote control for those 3 components. Since 2 (TV & cable box) of the 3 components have only a power toggle command, I use the information from the POW to see if a particular device is ON or OFF.
This is not too bad for the the TV, since it is a power hog (about 280mA at 120VAC). The cable box though uses only about 40mA, which disappears in noise…
To help in identifying the ON/OFF status of the cable box I use the consumption of the TV.
The TV uses around 280mA when nothing is showing (i.e. black screen, cable box off). When the cable box is on and an actual picture is shown on the screen, the TV consumes somewhere around 400mA.
Using these current consumption values together with a proper rules definition I can find out the state of all 3 components and control power ON/OFF for each component :grin:

This type of thing makes me wish I had a 3d printer :slight_smile: