Sonoff - basic question on flashing arendst firmware

Hi all, i would like to add to my “growing” openhab2.0 installation a few of this little (and cheap) devices in order to create a basic energy monitoring system capable of avoid power outage.
After reading here and there i ended buying 4 S20 Smart Socket (that i will connect to my dryer, washing machine …) and 2 Sonoff Pow (in order to check the total power absorbed on plug and light lines).

Before i start to patch the SonOff devices i’m still a little bit confused on the steps i need to follow in order to install the Arendst firmware: as far as i could understand i need only to temporarily solder the USB-TTL wires to the Sonoff board, like for the “basic” sonoff. Is it right or i need to do something else?
I’m asking this because all the documentation i found on the net always refer to the “basic” sonoff device, not the smart plugs or the POW.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

You should be able to find all answers in this thread:

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You might just be lucky that your FTDI USB To TTL Serial Converter fits right into the holes on the Sonoff board. Then no need to solder pins.

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Thanks for your kind and rapid answers, so i’ll try to play a bit with this devices :slight_smile: simply soldering (or just pushing it if i’m lucky) the TTL wires on the boards :blush:
@Sihui: Thanks for the link !