Sonoff firmware help

Flashed my sonoff 4ch with the tasmota firmware , worked fine but i have moved house now and no matter what i do it is trying to find the old network ! changed it in the user config file but still picks up the old networks. Even tried to flash espeasy but that doesnt seem to work .

Re-flash it with the new network details

I did but it still retains the old ones !! Do i just change them in user_config.h , build then upload ?

That should work usually.
Are you sure that the re-flashing was successful?

See tasmota wiki, •Button Functionality

Should not be necessary when editing the config header.

Another hint:

Did you change following line in the config too?

#define CFG_HOLDER             0x20161209        // [Reset 1] Change this value to load following default configuration parameters

Should be line 41.
If you didn’t change it, the config file will not be used.
I simply changed the last number and it worked for me.

You have to read the manual! :wink:
After flashing a Tasmota firmware, you must press the button >4secs to load the config from the user_config.h:

Pressing the button for over four seconds: Reset settings to defaults as defined in user_config.h and restarts the device

otherwise the old config is used. That is especially useful, if you like to use your old config, but new Firmware, just flash and it will boot with the old config. But if you need - as in your case - a completely new config, press the button >4secs after flashing and it uses the new config!

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Manual ? whats one of those :slight_smile: , did see the comment elsewhere about changing the CFG_HOLDER value so will try both those options. Thankyou for the responses.

sure thing! :smile:
But please be advised, if you change the CFG_HOLDER, you’ll always overwrite everything you probably changed in the Web UI! Other than that, changing the value is the same as pressing the button >4sec after flashing… :wink:

I didn’t read the button part too until @binderth mentioned it here.

So I will change my setup too and use the button method for new devices.

y u no read? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Button 1 to 6 did the job for me until now. :smiley:
And i have read the comments in that header file.
Who the hell reads those comments? :smiley:

I throw this for general info.
When we flash a new tasmota firmware to the sonoff, the configuration is not altered. The configuration values are stored in different memory part of the ESP and is not affected by our newly uploaded firmware.
So, to tell tasmota to change the stored configuration values we have to use the pressed button method.
Hope this will help clarify things for future people stumbling to this.

That explains it , thankyou