Sonoff Pow openHab2 show Power values

There is something wrong with my configuration. Can someone help me to figure it out please?
The basic UI does not show any values



// Work with a list of selected Sonoff modules
val sonoff_device_ids = newArrayList(
    //... add all your modules here!
// OR
// Work with the grouptopic, addressing ALL modules at once
//val sonoff_device_ids = newArrayList("sonoffs")

rule "Sonoff Maintenance"
    Item Sonoff_Action received command
    logInfo("sonoff.rules", "Sonoff Maintenance on all devices: " + receivedCommand)
    for (String device_id : sonoff_device_ids) {
        switch (receivedCommand) {
            case "restart" :
                publish("broker", "cmnd/" + device_id + "/restart", "1") 
            case "queryFW" :
                publish("broker", "cmnd/" + device_id + "/status", "2")
            case "upgrade" : {
                publish("broker", "cmnd/" + device_id + "/otaurl", "")
                publish("broker", "cmnd/" + device_id + "/upgrade", "1")


// compare with example message stream above!
Switch BA_Washingmachine "Washingmachine" <washer> (BA)
    { mqtt=">[broker:cmnd/sonoff/POWER:command:*:default],
            <[broker:stat/sonoffPOWER:state:default]" }

Number BA_Washingmachine_Power "Washingmachine Power [%.1f W]" (BA,gPower)
    { mqtt="<[broker:tele/sonoff/ENERGY:state:JSONPATH($.Power)]" }

Switch LivingRoom_Light_Reachable "Living Room Light: reachable" (gReachable)
    { mqtt="<[broker:tele/sonoff/LWT:state:MAP(]" }

String	Sonoff_Action "Sonoff Action" <sonoff_basic>



sitemap demo label="My home automation" {
    Frame label="Date" {
        Text item=Date
    Frame label="Demo" {
    	Switch item=Sonoff_Action mappings=[restart="Restart", queryFW="Query FW", upgrade="Upgrade FW"]
    	Switch item=sonoff
    	Text item=sonoff label= "Washingmachine Power [%.1f W]"
        Switch item=Lights icon="light"
        Text item=LR_Temperature label="Livingroom [%.1f °C]"
        Group item=Heating
        Text item=LR_Multimedia_Summary label="Multimedia [%s]" icon="video" {
            Selection item=LR_TV_Channel mappings=[0="off", 1="DasErste", 2="BBC One", 3="Cartoon Network"]
            Slider item=LR_TV_Volume

pi@raspberrypi:/etc/openhab2/rules $ mosquitto_sub -h localhost -t "+/sonoff/#" -v
tele/sonoff/LWT Offline
tele/sonoff/LWT Online
cmnd/sonoff/POWER (null)
tele/sonoff/INFO1 {"Module":"Sonoff Pow", "Version":"5.9.1", "FallbackTopic":"sonoff", "GroupTopic":"sonoffs"}
tele/sonoff/INFO2 {"WebServerMode":"Admin", "Hostname":"sonoff-5592", "IPAddress":""}
tele/sonoff/INFO3 {"RestartReason":"Software/System restart"}
stat/sonoff/RESULT {"POWER":"ON"}
stat/sonoff/POWER ON
tele/sonoff/STATE {"Time":"2018-02-21T04:21:31", "Uptime":0, "Vcc":3.204, "POWER":"ON", "Wifi":{"AP":2, "SSId":"KabelBox-Simon", "RSSI":40, "APMac":"54:67:51:23:81:5C"}}
tele/sonoff/ENERGY {"Time":"2018-02-21T04:21:31", "Total":0.168, "Yesterday":0.000, "Today":0.168, "Period":4, "Power":955, "Factor":1.00, "Voltage":223, "Current":4.093}
tele/sonoff/STATE {"Time":"2018-02-21T04:26:45", "Uptime":0, "Vcc":3.204, "POWER":"ON", "Wifi":{"AP":2, "SSId":"KabelBox-Simon", "RSSI":56, "APMac":"54:67:51:23:81:5C"}}
tele/sonoff/ENERGY {"Time":"2018-02-21T04:26:45", "Total":0.252, "Yesterday":0.000, "Today":0.252, "Period":87, "Power":957, "Factor":1.00, "Voltage":223, "Current":4.105}

* Platform information:
  * Hardware: raspberrypi
  * OS: raspbian
  * Java Runtime Environment: _which java platform is used and what version_
  * openHAB version: 2

Could you update your post with your actual sitemap?

sorry, I corrected it

You might want to try VS Code with the OH extension as your editor. It can catch things like this for you. You could also try saving the file while monitoring the openhab.log and you’d spot some errors.

Should these lines…

	Switch item=sonoff
	Text item=sonoff label= "Washingmachine Power [%.1f W]"

… be…

	Switch item=BA_Washingmachine
	Text item=BA_Washingmachine_Power label= "Washingmachine Power [%.1f W]"


If so, you also wouldn’t need the label in the second one, because it is the same as you specified in the item. This will be displayed in the sitemap, if the label is not specified in the sitemap. And you may want to set the state presentation [%s] in the label of the first item, so that the state will show in the sitemap. But you may not want that. :wink:

*missing slash ? --> … stat/sonoff/POWER: …