Sonoff POW R2 vs Rev2, Any Difference?

I recently bought two Sonoff POW R2 devices from Amazon to use with MQTT to measure power consumption. I’ve got them working nicely with Tasmota v 8.1.0 and would like to buy a few more from AliExpress. However, I’ve noticed a small difference in the writing on the case of my Sonoffs and the pictures of the Sonoffs on AliExpress. My devices have “Sonoff POW R2” printed on them, the pictures on AliExpress have “Sonoff POW Rev2” printed on them.

Is there any actual difference in the hardware? It seems strange that the wording is different. Is the Rev2 a revision to the original Sonoff POW and the R2 is a new product? I can’t seem to find any details using Google.

The sonoffs you bought from amazon will have a serial number. Give those SNs to Itead a verify that your devices are originals.
Itead is know to change their packaging. But they haven’t done so in a while and the POW is on revision 2.
What is the picture of the official website:

Beware of fake sonoff products from sites like aliexpress. If in doubt send the link to itead and ask them to verify.


Yes, and I would recommend to order them directly from I order there and you receive everything nicely and quickly. If something is too good to be true, most of the times it is…

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Sound advice. I’ll order more direct from itead. Thanks, both, for your advice.