Sonoff receiving MQTT messages but not executing command


I have installed MQTT and I’m monitoring the MQTT messages sent to Sonoff using mosquitto_sub in one terminal:

tasmota/sonoff-abajur/cmnd/POWER (null)
tasmota/sonoff-abajur/tele/LWT Online
tasmota/sonoff-abajur/cmnd/POWER (null)
/cmnd/tasmota/sonoff-abajur/POWER OFF <-- this last line I’ve sent using mosquito_pub from other terminal.

at SONOFF’s console it appears the following

03:49:44 MQTT: tasmota/sonoff-abajur/tele/LWT = Online (retained)
03:49:44 MQTT: tasmota/sonoff-abajur/cmnd/POWER =
03:49:54 MQTT: Attempting connection…
03:49:55 mDNS: Query done with 0 mqtt services found
03:49:55 MQTT: Connected
03:49:55 MQTT: tasmota/sonoff-abajur/tele/LWT = Online (retained)
03:49:55 MQTT: tasmota/sonoff-abajur/cmnd/POWER =

if I publish a command to turn on of off the light, sometimes it appears the command (sometimes not) but it doesn’t execute anyway.

If I write the exact command at the console, than it will work…
Below there are the configurations at the Sonoff console:

Topic = %topic% (sonoff)

Full Topic (%prefix%/%topic%/)

I’d really appreciate any help!!

I’d really appreciate any help!!