Sonoff Rf bridge and 433 devices

Hi Guys,
So I’m not sure where to actually post this, not exactly an openhab issue and not exactly tasmota issue. I guess I am hoping someone here has experienced this.

I have a Sonoff RF bridge with Tasmota and around the house I have a smoke detector, a motion sensor and several door sensors, all RF. Everything works well, in my .rules file I have a switch statement that check for each code and updates a door state or send a notification. Recently I added a default in my switch block to send me a notification of the 433 code received by the bridge. This would be an unknown code to me as all other codes are catered for in each case statement.

My problem is I am getting alot of unknown codes sent to me, and I dont know how to link each code to each device or what they mean.

The idea was to get the codes sent possibly for low voltage of the sensor device so I could alert which device needs a battery replacement.

Anyone here found a way to determine which device is sending the code?

In my case, the 6 digit hex code showed a nearly identical pattern.
So only one position changed.

Maybe this helps.


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