Sonoff RF Bridge v2 with RFlink32 MQTT

I have the new version of the RF bridge v2.2 and flashed it with GitHub - schmurtzm/RFLink32-For-Sonoff-RF-Bridge: RFLink32 For Sonoff RF Bridge. It produce everything in one topic. For example the following 3 records are the results of 3 different smoke detectors:
So the ID here is the device identifier. There is no option to use dedicated topic for each device.
What are my options to parse the MQTT messages into separated items/things? Can i use the MQTT binding directly in some rule and parse them updating different items for example?



I’m working on Sonoff_Bridge RFlink firmware with support for OH MQTT :slight_smile:

Beta version SonoffRFBridgeDirectOH
MQTT → topic/RF_Protocol_Name/ID/Switch_ID/cmd
Example packet: ESP00/stat/EV1527/0685c2/06/cmd = ON

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I’ve noticed you’ve included the binary for this openHAB compatible version but I don’t see the changes to the code committed to the repo. Can you please do that so I can see the changes made?

Thanks heaps @Greg2k


I have updated the source code on the github.

My SONOFF bridge is going through customs now. When it arrives I will mod it and install your firmware and do some testing.


I’ve been using for a few months 10x RF buttons like DC1670/DC1671 with two Sonoff RF V2 Bridges + OH3 and everything works fine.