Sonoff T1 2 Channel, short press, long press possible?


i am planning to use Sonoff T1 for our House.

is the following possble, and how?

only the first channel of T1 should be used, the 2nd should control another device.

i want to connect to the T1 a dimmable Device. -> not directly. i only want to control it via the t1.

Sonoff T1 connected to AC Power and via Wifi to Openhab2 on Raspi.

There is no “Load” connected to T1, it should be used only for Control the dimmable Device.

My Question is, can i make openhab2 to behave different on “long” and “short” button presses.

Short press should turn the device on / off.

long press should fade the dimmable device

the 2nd device will be connected to openhab via mqtt, probably with tasmota firmware.

thanks for any hints.