Sonoff (Tasmota) with dimmer

Hello friends
I am using the sonoff devices with the firmware Tasmota
Works very well with Openhab, but sometimes my customer asks me if is possible integrate some dimmer in this solution
The idea is turn On/Off one light and have a possibility to control the intensitivity of light (0-100%)

Someone have experience with this issue ?
Can share with me (Boards/Shields) compatible with this system ?

My first idea is control the board using the local GPIO; the commands was sent via MQTT

Best Regards from Brazil

First make sure the light is capable of being dimmed then see the wiki for the options available. You can also use other firmware like Esp Easy if there’s something needed that tasmota doesn’t offer.

Here is a list of commands that can be used with tasmota

You can also find addition information checking the other sections located on the right side of the page.

Hello H102
Thank you for the fast repply
In my case the lamps are LED

You belive that I put the configuration of the print screen below will works for my case ?

What type of led bulb do you have and can they be dimmed? Not all led can be dimmed.

The PWM (pluse width modulation) control can be used for RGB’s or light strips that work with PWM input. If your bulb has a driver with an option for dimming this option may work. If the bulb is a standard screw in led with the Sonoff controlling the power, to my knowledge, it won’t work.

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