Sonoff touch RX series & MQTT feedback

Hello everyone
I flashed the Tasmota firmware on the new Sonoff Touch RX series. I would like to use them for a light bulb controlled by two buttons and a relay. In order to control the relay I used the pulsetime command, but I can’t get the right feedback on OH (release 2.4) When I press the button the sonoff changes state from off to on and returns to off. The MQTT broker (mosquitto 1.x) reads the status
correctly but not the real state of the light that is turned on
any suggestions? I searched in the various posts, but found nothing

my item:

witch luce_prova1          "luce prova T1     "          <light>          (Luci, Zona_giorno)                     ["Switchable"]   { mqtt=">[mosquitto:cmnd/sonoff-prova/POWER:command:ON:ON], >[mosquitto:cmnd/sonoff-prova/POWER:command:OFF:OFF], <[mosquitto:stat/sonoff-prova/POWER:state:default]" }

Thanks in advance