Sonoff Touch

Are there alternatives to sonoff touch?

I have a few sonoff items I would like to use as well. Looks like they are not natively supported, from what I have read it looks like most people are using

to modify the switches to use sonoff.

I think ESP-Easy is supported for Sonoff touch which are containing ONLY ESP8266, and I think people are experimenting with serial-plugins for the PIC-based versions.

But I also read somewhere that not all Sonoff touch are still using the PIC.

Check the ESP-Easy forums.

Sonoff touch is compatible with Tasmota firmware. My question is for hardware alternative to it

What’s your interest for not using Sonoff Touch. There are lots of wireless switches out there - but if we don’t know, what you want (or what you don’t want), we cannot really help you.

Sonoff Touch US version, don’t have 3 gang switch. I need something with 3 button

You could use radio based decides like 434Mhz or the US equivalent?

I’d like to use mqtt via wifi

I don’t know of a 3gang switch other than 433er and even not of a 4gang…
Perhaps you could put the lesser used functions on a long press? most Switches can distinguish between short and long presses, some double presses also.

Sent mail to Itead. They say that in March will be available Sonoff touch 3 gang

sounds like a plan! :wink:

I hope so

There is a new 2 gang EU version Sonoff Touch. Great news.

I need US version