Sonoff Touch

(lamero) #1

Are there alternatives to sonoff touch?

(John Curtis) #2

I have a few sonoff items I would like to use as well. Looks like they are not natively supported, from what I have read it looks like most people are using

to modify the switches to use sonoff.

(Nadir Syed) #3

I think ESP-Easy is supported for Sonoff touch which are containing ONLY ESP8266, and I think people are experimenting with serial-plugins for the PIC-based versions.

But I also read somewhere that not all Sonoff touch are still using the PIC.

Check the ESP-Easy forums.

(lamero) #4

Sonoff touch is compatible with Tasmota firmware. My question is for hardware alternative to it

(Thomas Binder) #5

What’s your interest for not using Sonoff Touch. There are lots of wireless switches out there - but if we don’t know, what you want (or what you don’t want), we cannot really help you.

(lamero) #6

Sonoff Touch US version, don’t have 3 gang switch. I need something with 3 button

(Nadir Syed) #7

You could use radio based decides like 434Mhz or the US equivalent?

(lamero) #8

I’d like to use mqtt via wifi

(Thomas Binder) #9

I don’t know of a 3gang switch other than 433er and even not of a 4gang…
Perhaps you could put the lesser used functions on a long press? most Switches can distinguish between short and long presses, some double presses also.

(lamero) #10

Sent mail to Itead. They say that in March will be available Sonoff touch 3 gang

(Thomas Binder) #11

sounds like a plan! :wink:

(lamero) #12

I hope so

(Nick Galfas) #13

There is a new 2 gang EU version Sonoff Touch. Great news.

(lamero) #14

I need US version