SONOFF TRVZB not reporting

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: Raspberry Pi 4
    • OS: openhabian
    • openHAB version: 4.1.3

Hi all,

i have a strange problem:
i setup my openhab with an SONOFF Zigbee ZBDongle-E with zigbee binding.
then i paired a SONOFF TRVZB thermostat successful.
after that i played around with custom widgets.
all worked well. i could change Occupied_Heating_Setpoint in the UI and the TRVZB change the value immediatly.
also the other way around worked: if i changed the value on the thermostat itself i saw changing the value in the UI with nearly no delay.

But then i paired a second TRVZB and the reporting doent work.
if i change the value on the second thermostat the UI was not updating.
But it still worked on the first thermostat.

I tried different thing to fix the problem. but i found no difference between those two devices.

then i reinitialized the controller.
since then no TRVZB was reporting back anymore.

i tried 4 TRVZB. none of them was reporting his value back. (but still changed if i set in UI)

i have no clue what i have done wrong.
i tried setting autoupdate via metadata in the item details. (desnt solve the problem)

any hint would be nice

thanks ben

EDIT: the only difference between the 2 TRVZB is, that the first one was used. the second was brand new.