Sonoff USB ZigBee v2 stick not working with Aqara switches

Good morning

Received my Sonoff USB ZigBee stick V2 to compare to the ConBee II stick.

Seen an older thread where people have problems with Aqara ZigBee switches and ZHA binding…
Seems this problem still persists with the “No supported clusters found” error.

So Aqara switches can’t be used with the Sonoff stick…bugger…
and this old github issue seems to be stuck:

Just did a quick test…

Installed Homeassistant on the same RPi4/4GB with the SOnoff ZigBee USB stick and there Aqara switches work flawlessly :slight_smile:

Have you considered using zigbee2mqtt? That should work fine

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Is this binding thought as a replacement to the ZHA binding?

How would device discovery work then?

I’ll can try tomorrow on my test installation.
The current OH 3.3 live setup with ConBee II still looses device connectivity where a restart is required at least once a week.

It’s not a replacement but an alternative way, that lot of people using.

As per my understanding zigbee2mqtt is using different libraries, therefore some non working devices (non working with zha binding) can work with z2m. Your device is explicitly listed as working …

The devices are discovered within z2m software and the tool will publish mqtt channels for the device. Within openhab you will than have a mqtt thing

I would be very surprised if this is the case.

That issue is for a different device. Please provide the logs that show your problem with this switch as I would be surprised if they don’t work, but possibly they are non-standard.

Please also advise WHAT switches they are as there seem to be quite a few different ones. Some are mains powered, and some are battery and they will work quite differently.

zigbee2mqtt seems to be the way to go…although this project lists the Sonoff E dongle as not recommended…therefore the adapter: ezsp had to be added so the daemon could start up…

At least all Aqara (Xiaomi) rocker switches were recognized…even more the new Philips RDM002 dimmer switch as well (o;

Best thing about zigbee2mqtt seems to be the OTA feature…though the page suddenly shows the update progress as n/a when doing a refresh and the whole system has to be restarted and OTA started again:

Only the Lidl (Tuya) window contact couldn’t be configured…even after several tries:

I have one of these Lidl window contacts successfully running without any special adjustment (using zigbee2mqtt via Sonoff USB stick), so in general these should work :slight_smile:


Hmm…you’re right…I can see in the logs they are working:

info  2022-10-11 13:55:09: MQTT publish: topic 'zigbee2mqtt/Fenstersensor Garten/linkquality', payload '200'
info  2022-10-11 13:55:09: MQTT publish: topic 'zigbee2mqtt/Fenstersensor Garten/contact', payload 'false'
info  2022-10-11 13:55:09: MQTT publish: topic 'zigbee2mqtt/Fenstersensor Garten/tamper', payload 'false'
info  2022-10-11 13:55:09: MQTT publish: topic 'zigbee2mqtt/Fenstersensor Garten/battery_low', payload 'false'
info  2022-10-11 13:55:09: MQTT publish: topic 'zigbee2mqtt/Fenstersensor Garten/battery', payload '98.5'

Do they also support OTA?

Not sure why the warning icon is still displayed:

Bildschirmfoto 2022-10-11 um 13.55.38

Okay…so far the best experience with OH and ZigBee (o;

Now for the cumbersome adding of all things and items…


Seems zigbee2mqtt doesn’t know about ZLL OnTime…too bad…

Well it accepts “on_time”: 60, but it won’t switch off after 60 seconds…