Sonoff/Wemos d1 mini project?!

Good evening everyone.

Need some advice on a project I’m starting. Abit of back story, I’m planning on running a Sonoff basic or th in my garden to control a couple of led lights and a water fountain. I want the led lights to come on at night and the fountain to run in the day. I thought about using the timing function on the Sonoff but as the length of daylight time is always changing I plan to use a sensor/switch. Can I use say a luminosity sensor tsl2561 to do this and how would I connect it? I’ve read on the Sonoff basic you can use the spare gpio pins and ground and on the Sonoff TH you can wire the sensor into the sensor jack wiring or spare gpio pins.
Or would a Wemos d1 mini be more appropriate and if so can it run ESPEasy or tasmato?

Any advice is much appreciated

If you would be using the Tasmota in the actual version, the Sonoff switches do have a build-in timer which works on sunset/sunrise. In other words, they could do it alone ,without openHAB!

If you need to control the lights AND a water fountain, you will need 2 sonoff basics. On get a sonoff dual. It is very easy to wire a sensor to the sonoff. All the info is in the Tasmota Wiki.
Good luck