Sonos Alexa notifcation


I use Sonos boxes (Beam, One) with integrated Alexa function. When I play music via Sonos app and then release notification sounds, everything works. After the notification sound, the previously played music is played back. When I go through voice control (built-in Alexa), the previous sound will not play after the notification sound plays. Apparently, the Sonos binding forgets the last title or URL. Is there a solution to use the integrated “Alexa” and to send notifications?

Thank you

What version aof the binding re you running ?
In snapshot 2.5, I already provided a fix:

Are you in this case (radio started through Alexa) or is your case different ?
As mentioned in my PR, I was not sure that the radio will be restored after the notification.

Which Sonos binding are you using?
In the release build 2.4 version I had seen this behaviour when starting to play a radio station via alexa (in my case not build into sonos). I could spot the differencet on the sonos ui, which does show if alexa started the station.
This bug has been solved and should be available in a snapshot or milestone binding ( not sure on which).


thanks, that means I’m testing Snapchot 2.5?

I have now installed the latest snapshot version (2.5) of openhab. It turns out the following error picture. If I play a radio station of TuneIn over Alexa, then this is played again after output of the Notification sound. But if I play something about Alexa from Amazon Music, then music will stop playing after the notification sound. Also in the Sonos app appears then “no music selected”.
Does somebody has any idea?

Suggest you write an issue report on GitHub as had reported ( concerning the radio stations). Hat way rhe author of the binding gets a notification of the problem.
Just look at the link posted above.

Hello, which link do you mean?

Sorry, the link posted by Lolodomo points to his Pull request instead to an Issue.
Additionally the link also points the EclipseSmarthome, from which the code has moved away from. I’m actually not sure on where to post such issues, let me search for it. I’l report back.

Found it: Openhab2 Addons Issues