Sonos Binding does not work anymore

Hi Guys,

recently i upgraded my rasperry from buster to bullseye and from openhab 3.4.5 to 4. i noticed now that my sonos binding does not work anymore.

in the log i get this warning - which makes no sense since everything else working fine and is online. anybody has an idea?

2023-08-05 14:55:46.978 [WARN ] [g.sonos.internal.SonosHandlerFactory] - No network interface could be found.

The error message can make sense.
Also other people reported that upgrading from buster to bullseye will break network config

thx - but network is fine - since openhab is reachable and all other bindings work fine

edit: anyway thanks - i now have cleaned my interfaces file - and network got an dhcp adress - now sonos binding is online again. will look further for the network config now!

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