Sonos Binding, is there a way to select favorites?

I have the Sonos binding working, but I was wondering if there is a way to select a station to play from your favourite list? I would like to have a particular playlist/favorite play with a particular scene.
I realise this may be a little early in the binding’s maturity, I’m just hoping there is a function that has not been documented yet.

The official documentation for the Sonos binding can be found at:

I think it is directly created from the repo:

Unfortunately, both pages are not complete yet. If you used auto discovery of your Sonos device, you can browse the Paper UI for the Things menu. If you select your Sonos and select See more you will get to see a Favorite channel:

Define your items and link to that channel (I suggest as a pull down list to select from).

I have not tested if the binding allows you to retrieve the list of available favorites. I guess not.

Thanks Robert. Yes, I’ve read the documentation and the line “All devices support the following channels (non-exhaustive):” made me think there were channels that were not documented.

I’ve never noticed a See more menu… I’ll look for it tonight. Thanks a lot Robert, your help is very much appreciated.

@Liamj001 Were you able to get Favorites to work?

I setup a link to the Favorite channel and then tried the following rule:

rule"Harmony Living Room Jazz"
	Item Switch_Actions changed to 2
	AV_GF_Harmony_Activity.sendCommand("Listen to Sonos")
	Sonos_MainFloor_Favorite.sendComand("Coffee Table Jazz")

But end up with the following error log:

2017-02-26 11:59:43.984 [ERROR] [.script.engine.ScriptExecutionThread] - Rule 'Harmony Living Room Jazz': An error occured during the script execution: The name '<XFeatureCallImplCustom>.sendComand(<XStringLiteralImpl>)' cannot be resolved to an item or type.

If you

I can confirm it works. I had a type on my rule above: Sonos_MainFloor_Favorite.sendComand(“Coffee Table Jazz”)

Missed an ‘m’ in sendCommand