Sonos Binding Notification

Hello Community,

i have a problem regarding the Songs Binding. I am using a Sonos One with Alexa. When i trigger a Notification Sound (Doorbell.mp3 in html folder) Music from Spotify is stopped and the Doorbell Sound is played. But its not continuing the playlist that was played before. That makes me turn on the Music again after somebody rang the bell which is pretty annoying.

This is my Code:

// Klingel Rules File

rule Klingel
when Item Klingel changed from OFF to ON

SonosOneOben_BenachrichtigungAbspielen is connected to sonos:One:RINCON_7828CA19A30601400:notificationsound just like it should i guess.

Any suggestions ? Thanks

You should use the “playSound” command as explained Here.
The syntax for setting the audiosink as well is probably the same as for the say command, which is explained on that site as well.

Like @opus said i am also using the “playSound” command.


alarm.mp3 is saved under/sounds

Thanks for stepping in, Yes the syntax for playSound doesn’t need to state the Voice.

I’m having the same issue as described by the topic starter, however I use the playSound command. I’m on openHAB 2.5.0.M4.
When using TuneinRadio the Radio continuos after the notification, but with spotify sonos stays silent after the notification. Any ideas on how to solve this?

Tested on my system (openHAB 2.5) , started a spotify playlist on sonos, used a sayCommand which was spoken, after that the playlist resumed.
Can’t confirm a problem!:thinking:

ok thanks for the reply, I will upgrade to 2.5 probably somewhere soon during the holidays. Will see if that will fix it. Keep you informed.

Hello, I’m using openhab 2.5 and have the same problem. If I call up playlists via Alexa, they will not continue after the notification sound. If I use tunein via Alexa it works. I use the Alexa function in the beam. Unfortunately, the problem persists even after the update to 2.5. Does anyone have a solution?

My test was starting the playlist via Spotify. I’ll check the other eay later today.

Tested it with starting the spotify playlist via Alexa and got the same behaviour ( not continuing the before played song).
I suggest to file an issue on github, that way the author will be alerted.

Thanks a lot!
Can you give me info when the problem is solved?

It will be solved only if an issue on Github has been filed. I suggested you to file the issue since you are affected by that one. That way you will be notified automatically.