Sonos Binding: Playbar won't play TTS when in "TV" mode

Has anyone else noticed this?

I noticed that if the theater is in use and the current AV transport UI is “x-sonos-htastream:RINCON_XXXXX:spdif”, the say() commands don’t play, though I don’t see any issues in the log.

if the playbar is in any other mode it seems to work fine.

Known problem.
I tried to fix it at a time but without success. Difficult without owning one Playbar. Someone with a Playbar should have a look to the code and debug.

@Mike_Bagdanoff : I will try to fix this issue. First I added new logs.
Have you the skill to deploy a test version of the binding ?
A test version is available in this PR
You will have to enable the DEBUG logs for the Sonos binding: log:set DEBUG org.eclipse.smarthome.binbding.sonos
I expect these logs when you send a notification:
Handling notification while sound from line-in was being played
Restoring sound from line-in using xxxx

I only have the PLAY1’s and AMP’s in my house and I downloaded and installed the GITHUB 0.11 version today. I did it for another reason than the new devices it handles; I’m running OH 2.3 and I had issues with the “original” version of the Sonos binding with the Sonos firmware version of 9.x. I’m actually running 9.3 now.

I was able to get rid of the THING definitions and use the actual discovered Sonos devices now. This alone was a great step because there was a conflict between the THING defs and discovered devices.

Here’s what is missing running OH 2.3 with the Sonos 0.11 binding version now. I don’t know if it’s because I’m running OH 2.3 or something else?

  1. Controller
  2. Volume
  3. Mute

I had to comment out these since they didn’t exist in the Sonos device items anymore. All the other items existed though.

Best, Jay

I am currently trying to fix a similar problem for the Beam.
Maybe the problem is the same for the Playbar.
@Mike_Bagdanoff : could you please follow this other topic and provide logs with the test version I am providing ?

When you are playing TV sound, does the Sonos App shows a Stop or Pause button for your Playbar ? Does this button work ?

The problem is fixed for the Beam.
If you want a fix for the Playbar (or Playbase), please provide the same logs as @Maurits28 did using the special version I built with additional logs, just to confirm that the issue is the same as for the Beam (stopping the TV audio is not possible).

The fix is now merged and included in the snapshot 1698. Works for Playbar too.