Sonos binding unknown warn messages in log

I don’t know when it started, but somehow my logs gets flooded with this message that i don’t understand:

018-01-04 00:20:09.399 [WARN ] [s.internal.handler.ZonePlayerHandler] - Cannot update channel for group member (Could not find handler for RINCON_XXXXXXXXXXXXX)
2018-01-04 00:20:09.404 [WARN ] [s.internal.handler.ZonePlayerHandler] - Cannot update channel for group member (Could not find handler for RINCON_XXXXXXXXXXXXX)

Both things are Play 1’s setup as left/right surround added to a sonos playbar. I have not added these things, they are ignored/hidden in my inbox. The playbar itself is added as thing and has some channels boungs to items. I’m using build 1151

Any thoughts on this?

You found yourself the explanation. Some of your devices are not added as things.

Maybe the log level is too high and could be replaced by a DEBUG log.

Tried log:set DEBUG org.openhab.binding.sonos but that doesn’t change anything to the log. Has this debug log stuff changed or is it me doing somehing wrong.

Why would it be required to add the play 1’s ? They are not used in openhab, all control is done by the playbar, so i don’t see why openhab would complain/warn about this.

In order to see LESS messages you should have used DEFAULT instead of DEBUG.

I have set it to debug to know why it logs this WARN message (as lolodomo suggested). I don’t want to surpress the warnings, because then i will also surpress other sonos warnings.

I was suggesting a change in the source code.
You will not be able to hide these warnings without a change in the code.

I raised an issue. I think it would be best to discard this warning if there is no channel attached, because i think it is strange that a binding logs stuff about things that are not added or even intentionally hidden in the inbox.

Please try to set the log level for the package org.eclipse.smarthome.binding.sonos.

Ah thanks. Looks like the example is wrong at this page:

Added another issue for that: