Sonos binding ZoneName


Running openHAB 2.1.0~20170310011606-1 and sonos binding.
I have issues with the zonename not being reflected when speakers are grouped.
zonegroup, zonegroupid and coordinator are changed but zonename is not changed at all.

Manual says:
zonename String Name of the Zone Group the Zone Player belongs to all

My thing is defined in paperui and working, my item is

String Kok_Sonos_Zone “Kok Sonos Zone” { channel=“sonos:PLAY1:RINCON_B8E937E1351
401400:zonename” }

But this zonename is just the name of the current speaker and not the zone or coordinator so I guess there is a typo in the binding source?

Does anyone else see this?

/ Daniel

Looks like an error in the documentation. The code is not trying to set a group name in this channel.

Ok, solved it with Map Transformation now but habpanel doesnt really like it and requires a second reload to get the transformed value correct.