Sonos bindning

Hello everybody,

I recently started working with openhab and this whole home automation and it’s going really well. Today I unfortunately run in to a small problem with the sonos binding. I don’t know if I have done something wrong or not but I noticed that the play/pause status in /rest/items won’t update as I want it to. The thing is that I sometimes use sonos own application to start or stop the music, but this isn’t noticed by openhab.

To make a long story short, is there by any chance something I can do to update this when something’s happen outside openhab, like starting with sonos? I noticed that current track updates really fast when there is some changes but,as I said, play status won’t update.

// Fredrik

This is one of the many bugs of the sonos binding.
Use “transportstate” to detect player status.
Also beware of the heap overflow bug which causes crashes.

You probably better wait using this binding until version 2.0 of openhab arrives, hoping that there are fewer bugs here in the sonos binding.

Can confirm that. Also had problems with the binding. After my server crashed (because all memory was eaten up by “some” process), I ended up deleting the binding again.

I really hope it’s going to be better in version 2.0 as there are many cool things you could to with the Sonos speakers (text to speech stuff etc).

Thanks @martin_klimke and @pgruetter for your replies. I tried “transportstate” and it seems to work. I’m going to check more at it tonight when my kid is sleeping. I come back with the result :smile:

Have a nice day