Sonos clearqueue channel - does it work?

Just wondering if anyone has found that the sonos clearqueue channel works? My Sonos binding generally works fine, but setting a clearqueue switch to ON doesn’t do anything.


Switch SonosClearStudy "Study" { channel="sonos:CONNECTAMP:RINCON_5CAAFDE5A1E401400:clearqueue" }



Am I doing something wrong, or is this bugged?

I’m assuming this is a bug. Until it gets fixed, hacky workaround number 57 is to install the python sonos library and then create a tiny python script to clear the queue:

#!/usr/bin/env python
from soco import SoCo
import sys

if __name__ == '__main__':
    sonos = SoCo(sys.argv[1])

You can then run this with:


(or whatever the IP of your sonos device is).

It was working very well when I implemented it.
Will test it again.


I just tested and it is working perfectly for me.
I have tested through UI.
Check that your rule is correct called, and that your item is really updated looking at the event logs.

How funny - the event logs look fine, with the item receiving the command ON and then changing from NULL to ON… but nothing happens.

You are running a recent version of OH ?

Snapshot from a few days ago

Any update on this? Running most recent release version and clearqueue doesn’t always work (though sometimes it does). Don’t see any errors or anything and seems to be hit or miss on all my devices (Play:1, Play:5, Connect, One)

oddly it does now work for me - I should have gone back to this thread and said so.

Hm hm hm. Good to know! I’ll go back to playing with it tonight and see if I can figure out what’s going on.


Where can i download the actually jar-file of sonos binding? In the installed version the function clear queue is not available.