Sonos closing UPnP API via forced patches within the next days(?)

Dear all,

I heard from several people working in hi-fi retail, that SONOS plans to close the API for UPnP connections from all third-party connections except (paid) licensed ones within the next days using a forced update. I still hope this is an urban legend.
Does anyone has information about this?


If they do, they will not sell much soon :frowning:
When Sonos closes the UPNP API, we can only hope that they will offer another new API. I’ll probably wait better with the purchase of Sonos.

I read that they plan to open their API in 2018.

I asked in the official Sonos board for the plans. I got the information, that they plan to open an API for developers (currently invite-only) but some of the features will be removed (browsing titles etc.).
Register here as developer:

In addition, a certified “premium” program will be available, awarding the best implementations.
Let’s see how this works out.

I see my Sonos is now offering an update - does anyone know if this nukes the UPNP API?

Just to be safe I have blocked in my router.

I have uninstalled the Android controller and installed an APK from directly, to make sure it doesn’t update automatically.

Edit: I saw they will be decomissioning the CR100 by April, probably for the same reason. So for now, we are probably still ok. Pretty bold of them to say “your CR100 will be junk, here’s a gift voucher” That’s not how the law works, at least not in Germany. Here they are liable for full damages, i.e. the purchase price.

Up until now, I did have installed all updates (System and Controllers), I did not see any problem regarding the binding, although I’m mainly using the “say” command.