SONOS COMMUNICATION_ERROR after power recovery

Hi Community,

I’m having a SONOS problem for a while now that I can’t get solved by my own.

I currently use five Sonos One devices in my home. As they consume up to 4W even being in standby I used to switch them off when no one is present. However when switching them back on again the thing status does not recover and stays in “COMMUNICATION_ERROR“

Only restarting openhab can re-establish the openhab<->sonos communication.

Openhab version is 3.2.0.M3. Openhab is running in a docker container and everything is in the same subnet. The network is the Unifi ecosystem.

As I cloud not manage to solve this issue, I appreciate any help. Many thanks.

Just a thought, would a manually initiated “Scan” for Sonos things regain the players? If not the restart of the sonos bundle via the karaf-console should definitely do the trick without restarting the whole openHAB instance.

Thanks, Jürgen, for your thoughts. Unfortunately, a scan doesn’t do anything better.
Neither does a “bundle:restart org.openhab.binding.sonos”. Just restarting openhab solves this problem.

It seems that this problem also relates to the time the sonos devices are offline. Communication only doesn’t recover when the sonos devices are offline for a longer time. If they are turned off just for a moment (minutes or so) communications recovers perfectly fine. Don’t know the time limit yet.