Sonos Communication Error

Hi all

Sonos has been working flawlessly in OH2 and OH3 for a long time. Since about two weeks, all Sonos things are offline:

The UPnP device RINCON_3xxxxx is not registered.

I’m trying to remember if something has changed in my network, but can’t think of anything.
I currently don’t use the SamsungTV binding, saw a few posts that mention problems there.

Is anyone else facing problems with the Sonos binding?
How do I setup debugging again? Maybe I can provide more information with a debug log.


Unfortunately, the problem has not changed. I switched on DEBUG log but I pretty much get the same messages here, i.e. when disabling and enabling a speaker again:

13:20:36.126 [INFO ] [hab.event.ThingStatusInfoChangedEvent] - Thing 'sonos:zoneplayer:RINCON_347E5CD0220B11400' changed from OFFLINE (COMMUNIC
ATION_ERROR): The UPnP device RINCON_347E5CD0220B11400 is not yet registered. to UNINITIALIZED                                                  
13:20:36.129 [DEBUG] [os.internal.handler.ZonePlayerHandler] - Handler disposed for thing sonos:zoneplayer:RINCON_347E5CD0220B11400             
13:20:36.131 [INFO ] [hab.event.ThingStatusInfoChangedEvent] - Thing 'sonos:zoneplayer:RINCON_347E5CD0220B11400' changed from UNINITIALIZED to
UNINITIALIZED (DISABLED)                                                                                                                        
13:20:38.277 [DEBUG] [ng.sonos.internal.SonosHandlerFactory] - Creating a ZonePlayerHandler for thing 'sonos:zoneplayer:RINCON_347E5CD0220E0140
0' with UDN 'RINCON_347E5CD0220B11400'
13:20:38.278 [DEBUG] [os.internal.handler.ZonePlayerHandler] - Creating a ZonePlayerHandler for thing 'sonos:zoneplayer:RINCON_347E5CD0220E0140
13:20:38.281 [INFO ] [hab.event.ThingStatusInfoChangedEvent] - Thing 'sonos:zoneplayer:RINCON_347E5CD0220B11400' changed from UNINITIALIZED (DI
SABLED) to INITIALIZING                                                                                                                         
13:20:38.283 [DEBUG] [os.internal.handler.ZonePlayerHandler] - initializing handler for thing sonos:zoneplayer:RINCON_347E5CD0220B11400         
13:20:38.284 [DEBUG] [os.internal.handler.ZonePlayerHandler] - Polling job
13:20:38.284 [DEBUG] [os.internal.handler.ZonePlayerHandler] - UPnP device RINCON_347E5CD0220B11400 not yet registered

And then periodically:

13:23:38.289 [DEBUG] [os.internal.handler.ZonePlayerHandler] - Polling job 
13:23:38.290 [DEBUG] [os.internal.handler.ZonePlayerHandler] - UPnP device RINCON_347E5CD0220B11400 not yet registered

Any ideas?