Sonos current title

Hi I use OH2 and the Sonos 2.0 binding,
When I link current title,artist and album, in the paper UI, I can see the items in basic UI and in the iOS APP, but when I start playing a song on my sonos, it does not show the title, artist or album

What do I miss?

You should show the code of your item-definition and sitemap-definition.

I have made it all in paper UI, so I only have some screenshots

Nothing pops up in Current title when I press play

Did you link the item to the channel ?

Yes the items a linked to the sonos channels,
When I test the items in habpanel it works perfectly

Is it not working only in Basic UI ?

I think I noticed your problem last week when developing and running OH from Eclipse IDE. Maybe it concerns all string items created automatically by Paper UI.
In my production environment, my items are defined in files and I don’t have this problem.

Me too. @zamzon I don’t know, how I can help you. Sorry.

One hint: there is no default label defined for these channel types.
When using Paper UI with automatic item creation and channel linking, items are created with thing. It owuld be interesting to consult Json DB after that to see what are the data for these items.
It needs debugging to understand. Not my top priority.