Sonos groups; which item to set

I’m having trouble grouping my sonos speakers. Not grouping as in Openhab, but grouping them like you do in the Sonos environment so that they all play the same sound and act as one group.

I’ve created “things” for all my speakers with the PaperUI and “items”.
I would expect that if set one of the items shown below this would add the speaker to to other group.


I’ve been reading through the docs and a couple of other topics, but I can’t figure out the item to change to set the speakers into one group.


i was struggleing with this too. I found this Thread that helped me a lot: Sonos Groups
So you need some rules and you need the String items for add or remove of one or more Speakers to add them to a group. It’s not really the zonename. It’s just the name of the Speaker you want it to add it to.


This forum has good tutorial section!
Look here!