Sonos in OH2 (newbie)

These are my first steps into OpenHAB and I’ve chosen OH2 for the Echo binding. I’ve already succeeded in linking some lights to Echo. Next step is to bind the Sonos connect:amp.

1/ In the “Paper UI” | Extensions | Bindings: clicked on INSTALL for “binding-sonos - 0.8.0.SNAPSHOT”

2/ Created a file “myhome.things” in /opt/openhab/conf/things/ with
sonos:zoneplayer:home [ udn=“RINCON_000E58D0B6D001400”, refresh=60 ]

3/ Added in the file “myhome.sitemaps” in /opt/openhab/conf/sitemaps/
Frame {
Switch item=Sonos_playpause mappings=[ON=“play”, OFF=“Pause”]
Switch item=Sonos_next mappings=[ON=“next”]

4/ Added in the file “myhome.items” in /opt/openhab/conf/items/
/* Sonos */
Switch Sonos_playpause {sonos="[ON:home:play],[OFF:home:pause]"}
Switch Sonos_next {sonos="[ON:home:next]"}

When I go to, I have a button Next, Play, Pauze. However nothing happens when clicking on these buttons.

Another question: how can I start the program in debug mode to see what could be wrong? I’ve started “sudo ./” but this gives me the same output as starting “sudo ./”.

Tx for your help


Have you solved this yet, or need more information?