Sonos items not appearing in sitemap


I’m just getting started with Openhab2, so I hope I’m not missing something.
I’ve gone through the worked example, and have a sitemap, with a KNX switch and a network port.

However, I thought I’d try to add my sonos speaker to this item, but it refuses to show up in the site-map.
The auto-search works, and I can play to the device, so I’m happy that is working in principle, it’s just my site-map that is problematic.

This is my configuration:
Beagle bone black running Ubuntu 16.04
Openhab2 (Installed via apt-get last week)

Thing sonos:CONNECTAMP:living [ udn=“RINCON_B8E937AE9BC601400”, refresh=60]

Note: this seems to be working, since it’s showing up in the paper-ui, and I’ve deleted it’s auto-find item.

Switch Presence_Mobile_Will “Wills Iphone” { channel=“network:device:192_168_1_64:online” }
Switch Lighting_test “Lighting 1” { knx = “<1/0/4” }
Switch Sonos_Livingroom_Playqueue “Play Sonos Queue” { channel=“sonos:CONNECTAMP:living:playqueue” }
Switch Sonos_Livingroom_LED “Play Sonos Queue” { channel=“sonos:CONNECTAMP:living:led” }

Note: The first two switches appear to work, but the second don’t appear anywhere. I also get no warning/errors in the /var/log/openhab2/openhab2.log file

sitemap default label=“My first sitemap”
Switch item=Presence_Mobile_Will label="Wills Mobile"
Switch item=Lighting_test label="Test Switch"
Switch Sonos_Livingroom_Playqueue label="Play Sonos Queue"
Switch Sonos_Livingroom_LED label=“Play Sonos LED”

Note: The first two items appear, but the second two don’t appear.
I don’t get any warnings or errors, so I’m a touch confused. Any pointers how to enable better logging?

Any suggestions?

You missed “item=”

I would also add that putting a label on the items in both the sitemap and item files can cause a few hiccups.

I only use label fields on frames in my sitemap, and then do all the item labelling in the items file.


Switch Presence_Mobile_Will       "Wills Iphone"       { channel="network:device:192_168_1_64:online" }
Switch Lighting_test              "Lighting 1"         { knx = "<1/0/4" }
Switch Sonos_Livingroom_Playqueue "Play Sonos Queue"   { channel="sonos:CONNECTAMP:living:playqueue" }
Switch Sonos_Livingroom_LED       "Play Sonos Queue"   { channel="sonos:CONNECTAMP:living:led" }


sitemap default label="My first sitemap" {
    Frame label="Test Frame" {
        Switch item=Presence_Mobile_Will 
        Switch item=Lighting_test 
        Switch item=Sonos_Livingroom_Playqueue 
        Switch item=Sonos_Livingroom_LED 

Thanks all. I knew I’d done something daft.
Is there any utility I can use to warn me if I’ve missed something like that?

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