SONOS Location problem

I did setup all my players with a location on PaperUI, resulting in a different tab under Control for each location.
However all locations beside one are showing up. The missing player isn’t even shown under “OTHER” although the desired location tab is present (and empty).
Reediting the player in question, th saved location shows correctly.

Did test with another name-string,same effect.

OH2.3 stable
Sonos Version 0.10.0.ch230

Has anybody else seen such?

Do you have at least one Item bound to one of the missing players channel? If not, it will never show up.

Definitely, I kept the items from OH2.1.
I hab to stop / delete cache/ start OH in order to solve connection problems.
There are other items defined in the items file after those which are working correctly.
Additionally the player in question does react on commands via an UI ( say command).