Sonos no audio file delivery to sonos using say play commands

Hello guys I cannot get the doorbell or say command to work in the rule engine tried everything with no success it just pauses the music and play the first track in the queue but if the queue is empty nothing at all happens and no errors are generated . I am able to create a rule to play a url by placing the doorbell file in the html folder. I also checked the tts files from voicerss for example and they are generated in the cache and if i pull them i can play on my computer.I am running openhab on ubuntu installed from repository.

I would apreciate if anybody has any hint towards why the files are not delivered to the sonos speakers which are also registered as sinks in openhab.

Just wanted to do an update for anybody having problems with this. Basically i ended up spinning another virtual machine with debian 11 and installed zulu 11 and everything works now. I believe on my old setup i had zulu 11 and also nodejs on the same machine conflicting.