Sonos, no players found

I have installed the binding, but no players show up in the inbox, and looking for them manually also gives nothing. The log says:

2019-07-06 16:43:48.192 [DEBUG] [nternal.DiscoveryServiceRegistryImpl] - Triggering scan for thing types '[sonos:PLAY3, hue:bridge, sonos:PLAY5, sonos:PLAYBAR, sonos:CONNECT, sonos:zoneplayer, sonos:One, sonos:PLAY1, sonos:CONNECTAMP]' on 'UpnpDiscoveryService'...
2019-07-06 16:43:53.195 [DEBUG] [internal.discovery.DiscoveryResource] - Scan for binding 'sonos' successfully finished.

I am running 2.4 in docker (with network_mode=host).

Have you tried to install your things via .things file ?

Thing sonos:PLAY1:RINCON_949F3E157B8401400	[udn="RINCON_949F3E157B8401400", refresh=60]		//Arbeitszimmer
Thing sonos:PLAY1:RINCON_5CAAFDC29C0201400	[udn="RINCON_5CAAFDC29C0201400", refresh=60]		//Garten
Thing sonos:PLAY3:RINCON_5CAAFD54DF8801400	[udn="RINCON_5CAAFD54DF8801400", refresh=60]		//Wohnzimmer

Now I have and I can see the things, but they show up with OFFLINE - COMMUNICATION_ERROR. I have also added some more logging and I can see these entries:

2019-07-07 07:30:38.405 [DEBUG] [p.protocol.RetrieveRemoteDescriptors] - Sending device descriptor retrieval message: (StreamRequestMessage) GET
2019-07-07 07:30:38.406 [DEBUG] [org.jupnp.transport.Router          ] - Sending via TCP unicast stream: (StreamRequestMessage) GET
2019-07-07 07:30:48.407 [INFO ] [org.jupnp.transport.spi.StreamClient] - Timeout of 10 seconds while waiting for HTTP request to complete, aborting: (StreamRequestMessage) GET
2019-07-07 07:30:48.408 [WARN ] [p.protocol.RetrieveRemoteDescriptors] - Device descriptor retrieval failed, no response:

Entering the address in a browser shows a fine xml.

Have you tried to restart OH2 ? Or clean the cache ? Or both ! Have you had a look in the docs here ?
Maybe you have to declare at least one item ?!
I don’t know or I forgot :thinking::thinking: Sorry!!

Edit: Here’s another post about the problem

Depending on the version of OH you are running it could be jupnp failing. “bundle:restart org.jupnp” may help.

I have tried restarting, cleaning the cache and restarting the bundle. I just keep getting these:

2019-07-20 07:57:58.958 [DEBUG] [org.jupnp.transport.Router          ] - Sending via TCP unicast stream: (StreamRequestMessage) GET

A number of these entries:

2019-07-20 07:57:59.205 [DEBUG] [upnp.transport.spi.MulticastReceiver] - UDP datagram received from: on local interface: enp0s3 and address:
2019-07-20 07:57:59.206 [DEBUG] [org.jupnp.transport.Router          ] - Received asynchronous message: (IncomingDatagramMessage) NOTIFY

and then finally this:

2019-07-20 07:58:08.959 [INFO ] [org.jupnp.transport.spi.StreamClient] - Timeout of 10 seconds while waiting for HTTP request to complete, aborting: (StreamRequestMessage) GET
2019-07-20 07:58:08.959 [WARN ] [p.protocol.RetrieveRemoteDescriptors] - Device descriptor retrieval failed, no response:

Are your sonos speakers on the same subnet as your openhab instance? If not, that could be your problem. The sonos sets TTL=1 on all packets.

have the same issue with OH3 on docker with net=host.

Sonos speakers are on the same network, on an Amplifi Wifi Mesh. Home Assistant on the same machine, running in Docker as well finds them without issue.

any news on this issue?

@wzbfyb Did you find a solution in the meantime? I have the same issue running OH3 on docker (bridge mode).

Well, I am not sure if “solution” is the right word. I threw out all Sonos players and replaced them with Hifiberry / squeezebox and proper speakers. At least that works like a charm :blush:

Same issue here, i have two Sonos speakers not found by OH3 since upgrade from 2.5. There are on same subnet with my RPI running OH3 in docker (Host)

Had the same, the where discovered, started working an then went offline.

Mine were all working fine and went offline (is not available in local network.)

What OH version are you on? 3.1 made some changes to the upnp framework that may fix these issues.

I had the same issue. I recently bought a Sonos Arc and could not get it to work on docker (host network). Upgraded to 3.1 but still not seeing anything show up in inbox.

That’s interesting. I’ve been on the 3.x snapshots in a docker on my synology, and I have an arc, and no issues at all. Make sure you’re host doesn’t have a firewall blocking the traffic, make sure you’re bridged to the same network as the Arc (including same subnet/broadcast domain). The upnp backend should pick it up the second it sees the periodic announcement packets from the Arc

I have tried 3.1 and 3.2, in docker with host network on two different machines. Recognizing Sonos or Symfonisk did not work in any combination. After that, I have created virtual machine which recognized both devicedimmediately.

I am sure troubles recognizing is related to docker and sonos incompatibility and have no relation to openhab.