Sonos not working

Hello all,

I installed Sonos bindings…Found all my speakers no problem. Added them as things no issue. Now they are all stuck at “UNINITIALIZED” with below error. Am I missing a step?

UNINITIALIZED - HANDLER_INITIALIZING_ERROR No thing type sonos:Connect registered, cannot change thing type for thing sonos:zoneplayer:RINCON_B8E937970B6801400

Firmware 9.0 required a fix that is only available in openHAB 2.4 snapshots.
As a workaround if you are running 2.3, you can define your things in a config file.

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Thanks! Would you happen to know of a link or have example of a sonos device defined in things config file?

Have you considered to look into the Documentation?

Thanks for link…Will see what I can figure out.