Sonos notification behaviour

Hi, trying to use sonos binding to alert that my alarm is about to go off (and give you a chance to turn it off)
The way I’ve coded is that I’m sending notificationsound using an url to /static/ where I have put a 0.5 sec beep.mp3
I would like to have this beep every third second but the time it take for the binding (or sonos I don’t know which) to handle the next beep can differ from instantly to up to 10 seconds.
Is that the way it is? Is there a workaround?
Thanks in advance

I’m afraid some delay when using notifications can’t be avoided(i use squeezebox and it behaves the same) as OH has to “tell” the binding what to tell the device to do…which has to check/stop current actions, play notification, set back to previous state…you get the picture.
However (at least on my setup) the response times are pretty much the same all the time. If you see such big difference, maybe you should check for performance issues.
As for a workaround: you could create an mp3 with several repeats of your beep, this way you only need to call the notification once.

Thanks for the clarification. I’ve thought about doing what you suggest as a workaround but there is one thing left to solve.
The purpose of having these beeps is to warn that the alarm is to go off but I have some time to turn it off.
So if I turn off the alarm before time out the beeps should stop.
I haven’t found a way of interrupt an ongoing notification.

I doubt you can interrupt a notification.
Hmmm…i would solve this by using a “real” notification via TTS rather than a boring (sorry :wink: ) beep.
Something like: "Warning. Alarm will go off in 30 seconds. Enter Code or self destruct will initiate."
Kind of dodges the problem per se but it would be more elegant.

Interesting solution!!! :smile: