SONOS Notifications in Multiroom Setup

I have a multiroom audio setup with 5 sonos devices. I am looking to implement functionality whereby a notification sound (doorbell for example) is played on all the sonos devices at the same time.

I can think of two ways of doing this, but cannot find anyway to do either.

  1. Play the notification to multiple audio sinks at the same time

  2. Group all sonos players together, play the notification, ungroup and restore all previous values.

To date I cannot find anyway to send a play command to multiple sinks as it appears to block, and the save/restore functionality in the current binding does not effect groups (I believe this is due to technical limitations in the sonos api that you cannot restore the track information?).

Any suggestions


Looking at the sonos1 binding it looks like save/restore should do what i want
save	Switch	save the state (group membership, current track, position in track, volume) of all the Players

However in my currently installed openhab2 version this only seems to remember the volume

Save/restore is implemented in the 2.x version of the binding. It is probably one of the last things I never tested in this binding. So I cannot provide any feedback.

Someone made a proposal to extend the current ESH audio architecture to handle group of audio sinks. But there was no feedback.

So remains the solution of grouping/ungrouping Sonos which is normally already available.


Ok, lets see where we can get to!

Can you confirm the expected behaviour of save/restore (which functions do you expect it to save, volume, source, track progress, group etc)

I don’t know what were the expectations of the author of this feature. An analysis of the code would be required. I can do it but that is low in my priorities.

If you ask me what would be my expectations, I would say saving/restoring everything from the current group.

Looking at the code for save/restore and saveall/restoreall, that looks no so bad. What is missing is the save/restore of the mute state and the shuffle/repeat state. Unfortunately I doubt the current code can handle properly the restore of Sonos groups in case a change in groups occured between the save point and the restore point. Some cases are probably working but probably not all.

Anyone get this Multiroom approach working… Would be great to ‘say’ something to all devices or a group of devices, but also direct to specific rooms as well, which is something thats possible now.