Sonos notificationsound problems / audioClip


I came to sonos a few months ago and tried to create a simple doorbell with openhab and sonos. The binding works quite well, but after a few weeks of trying I’m sill struggling with some points regarding the notification sounds.

My first problem is a conflict with the repeat mode. As far as I have found out, the sonos binding adds the notification sound at the end of the current queue, plays it and then removes the sound from the playlist. Generally this seems to work good, but only if the repeat mode is not acivated. If it is set to repeat-1, the notification is repeated continously (until the notification timeout). If it is set to repeat-all, you sometimes can hear the first second of your first song in the queue before the notification ends.
I tried to reduce this by deactivating and restoring repeat before playing a notification, but this doesn’t work if for example you are currently playing radio from tune-in (seems like repeat can only be changed while playing the queue). So I tried adding a timer which deativates repeat one second after the notification is started (since this switches to the queue), but still the notification sound is repeated once.

The next ‘problem’ is not really related to the binding. It is caused by the slow startup of tune-in radio playback. If tune-in is running and the notification is played, the system swiches back to tune-in afterwards. But this alway takes some time and during this, the notification can’t be started again. While this doesn’t seem to be such a huge problem at first, sometimes the visitors are pressing the ring button more than once and there is always a short time while the ring is not working due to the reconnection to tune-in.

My last solution (that I am using right now) is to use one sonos player exclusively for the door bell, but that is not what I wanted.

So at the moment, I have no idea how to solves these problems completely. But while I was looking at the documentation of sonos I came across a feature called audioClip. Seems like sonos integrated a notification sound natively into their devices with an already integrated sound called ‘chime’ and the ability to play a custom sound. I had found this documentation here but it seems the links doesn’t work anymore; maybe someone knows where to get the current API documenation:

Did anyone ever hear of this? I’m curious if this could solve the problems mentioned above and wouldn’t it be a good extension of the sonos binding?


There is a discussion already about this try searching first
Read the last posts

I have managed to get the audioclip function running to play any custom sound for on top of current stream.

Need to find some time during the weekend or next week to share this in the forum

Have a look here, if that will fix your issue:
Sonos Announcements & Notifications via audioClip (Sonos Cloud) - Tutorials & Examples / Solutions - openHAB Community

Great, thank you. I will give it a try. Maybe it will take some days for me to test it.