Sonos often does not pause since upgrade to snapshot #1078


I’ve been using the Sonos binding for quite sometime. My KNX switches control play/pause commands.

Yesterday I upgraded to the latest snapshot (#1078, coming from #1074). And I realized that the pause-command does not always work. Sending play (also via the player item) always seems to be successful. But when pressing “pause”, the Sonos device keeps playing. I have to play/pause/play/pause a few times before it is successful.

Nothing is shown in OpenHAB.log. My Sonos are on the latest firmware. I have the problem with both my Sonos devices. Restarting my Sonos devices didn’t help either.

Any idea how to further troubleshoot this?

Search is your friend. e.g. Sonos things are offline

Thanks! That seems to be related indeed!