I am running an openhabian 2.4.0 installation on Raspberry. I have installed the Sonos Binding and managed to integrate a thing for my PLAY 1:

Thing sonos:PLAY1:Jeab [udn="RINCON_7828Cxxxxxxxxxxxx", refresh=60]

Thia PLAY1 now just works fine and is displayed in my Paper UI Control page. But now my problem: I also have a PLAYBASE and defined a thing for it as follows:

Thing sonos:PLAYBASE:Wohnzimmer [udn="RINCON_5CAAFxxxxxxxxxxxx", refresh=60]

But now this PLAYBASE thing is not shown in my Paper UI. When I look at the Inobx of my paper UI I can not see my PLAYBASE but a “Gruppen Player” instead:

Sonos Playbase (Wohnzimmer)
Gruppen Player

Anyone successfully created a thing for PLAYBASE? What am I doing wrong? Any help very much appreciated.

You need a versiin 2.5.

@arnadan : did you move to 2.5 ?

When you are playing the audio input (from your TV), do you see a stop (or pause) button in the Sonos App ? Does it stop the audio ?

I would like to know if notification is working well with your Playbase when you are playing the sound from your TV ? If not, please follow this topic, I am trying to fix it for the Beam: Sonos Binding -> Beam TV Source (possible feature request)