Sonos players by IP instead of UUID

I’m moving from Vera to OpenHAB and have been going through setup for Sonos. In Vera, the Sonos plugin allowed you to specify an IP address of a Sonos player, but I can’t find a way to specify anything other than UUID in the OpenHAB binding. I keep my automation and security equipment on a different firewalled subnet than my Sonos equipment, so UPNP doesn’t work. Is there a way to add a Sonos player via IP address?


I am exactly in the same situation, would be nice to connect sonos with the IP address.

I’m still using the MiOS/Vera Sonos Plugin (from @Lolodomo ) to control my Sonos units.

Is there something extra, in the way of control/monitoring, that you need that’s forcing you to transition?

I started to transition, but backed it out due to periodic instabilities (under openHAB 1.x), but my usage is fairly minimal (triggering activities when the Sonos is playing, etc) so it was easier to keep the status quo (for now)

I’m in the exact same situation. Any thoughts would be helpful.