[SONOS] "Real" Alarm Properties


as i wrote here: Parse String to DateTime object i created a possibility to know the upcoming alarm the evening befor it actually “alarms”. So i was able to manage the heating in the bedroom in the evening as well as the bathroom heating in the morning before the alarm.

Unfortunately sonos seemed to change the “hidden webinterface” with the latest version, so my approach doesn’t work any longer, because i can’t find the alarms in the new structure.

2 questions:

1.) Did someone else experience that complete makeover of the webinterface?
2.) May it be a useful enhancement for the sonos binding to have a channel with the DateTime String of the next upcoming alarm? What’s your opinion?


am i really the only one using the sonos alarm and use it within any rule? :frowning:

Due to the fact that Sonos has been changing the Web interface without notice before and will continue to so in future, I would not make such automation dependent on sonos.
Why not create that “ALARM” elsewhere (calendar? )and let oh hand it over to Sonos the start the alsrm/music and handle everything else also?

so you mean i should get rid of the sonos alarm functionality itself and rebuild it within openhab? Hm, i never thought of that, because the alarm is really working well, but the idea could solve some problems i (now) have with the missing integration… thanks for the hint - Do you do anything like this on your own?

It could be probably implemented in the binding. Take a look to the method getCurrentAlarmList as entry point. This method gets information about all defined alarms.

No, I don’t have something like this implemented, sorry.
I was just trying to gie hint since your usage of the build-in function getCurrentAlarmList isn’t working anymore.