SONOS - Remove / Standalone

I have a Sonos group with two devices. The music is played on both boxes without any problems.
With the command “Standalone” or “Remove” I dissolved the group. This also works without problems.

Removing a box slides works without problems.
However, the music of the central box is stopped.

What can I do about it?

I have the same issue also; it’s random though.

Best, Jay

Hi @JP_hess, are you still having an issue with the SONOS addon? If so which SONOS device model are you using?

I have no problems. My installation is running fine. The following devices are integrated
One, Play3, Play5, Move, Playbar, IKEA

Hello, I discovered a Strange thing in the Sonos binding. Maybe someone knows a solution. If I have a group with a Master Sonos Move and a Slave with Sonos connect, everthing works fine. I sent the command ˋstandalone“ to the Master. The Master (Sonos Move) stopps but the Music is still playing on the Slave(Sonos Connect) as it is supposed to be. However if I group them the other way around with connect as Master everything stopped playing if I sent the command „standalone“ to the Master Sonos connect. Is this a bug ? My System is on OH 3 M5

i think the wording “standalone” has a high potential for misunderstandings.

in my opinion the description of the function is:
if you toggle the item, and it doesn’t matter if you toggle from “OFF” to “ON” or from "ON to “OFF”, the speaker will be removed from any group and will stop playing. If the speaker isn’t member of a group, it will only stop playing.

here an example for the function call in ECMA-2021

items.getItem("ArbeitszimmerSonosMove_StandAlone").sendCommand(items.getItem("ArbeitszimmerSonosMove_StandAlone").state == "ON" ? "OFF" : "ON");