Sonos Say and playSound do not work and no values are shown in PaperUI


when I want to play a sound on my Sonos speaker with playSound or Say it does not work and the Sonos is muted instead. Other Commands like Playlist or PlayURI work fine. Apart from that no values are shown in PaperUI.
It already worked in the past, so is it possible that the problem has something to do with the installation of Apache? But if I stop Apache it does not work either.
I did a reset of the sonos speaker and reinstalled the binding and thing, but that did not help.

Thank you for your answers!

How did you configure the volume for notifications?

I set it to 20 in PaperUI, but sent it in the rule, too:
playSound("gong.mp3", new PercentType(20))

I’m using this bundle:

202 │ Active │ 80 │ 0.10.0.oh240 │ Eclipse SmartHome Sonos Binding

and it works for me using the say command like


The syntax you used will send the sound the default audio sink, did you configure it? Is it still set?

I’m using the same bundle and the default audio sink is still set. The command seems to reach the sonos, too, as it gets muted, but why doesn’t it play the sound? When I change the audio sink to WebAudio the sound is played on my computer, so there is no error in the rule.

Try rebooting your Sonos. Could be helpful after a firmware update.

I know what the problem is:
When I installed Apache I set org.ops4j.pax.web.listening.addresses = in openhab2-userdata\etc\org.ops4j.pax.web.cfg, so the UI can only be reached over Apache with username and password. But Sonos tries to reach openHAB over port 8080, which of course doesn’t work.
When I set it back to everything works fine, but you can reach the UI without a password now.
Is there a way to only allow Sonos access to port 8080 or to set username and password Sonos needs for access over Apache?