Sonos sitemap doesn't show Title, Artist and Album

Hello again,

I have created a frame for one Sonos player.

Frame label= "Sonos" {
       	Text item=SonosWohnzimmer_CurrentTitle
       	Text item=SonosWohnzimmer_CurrentAlbum
       	Text item=SonosWohnzimmer_CurrentArtist
       	Default item=SonosWohnzimmer_Control
       	Slider item=SonosWohnzimmer_Volume
       	Switch item=SonosWohnzimmer_Mute

But the sitemap under Basic (and also classic UI) doesn’t show the information of the Artist, Title and Album:

The Paper UI shows the correct values (:slight_smile: sorry for this example):

Does anybody have the same problem or can give me an advice for this problem?

Thank you!


can you show us the item definitions?

The items are difined through paper ui. Which information you need from there? The item names for the Sitemap are copied from paper ui.

Known problem when using auto link mode. I proposed a fix but. This fix introduced other problems and was not validated. I thonk I have now a better approach to fix it.

But I didn’t link the items with the auto mode…

If not, just update the label of your items to add “[%s]” at the end.

Thank you! Perfect, every thing is where it has to.

Have a nice weekend!